Season of Raven Words

Im stuck in Between  (PL)
Heavy  (8/10)  (FR)
Sorrow Eternal  (9/10)  (EN)
Puroruido (Interview)  (ES)
Zwaremetalen  (87/100)  (NL)
Scumfeastmetal6666  (5/5)  (EN)  (8/10)  (IT)
Metal Psalter  (4/5)  (EN)
Livedor.JP  (JP)
Death Dream Vision Dying Memory   (EN)
Kinta  (PL)  (IT)

Bleak Silver Streams

Femme Metal Webzine  (EN)
Magic Fire Music  (19/20)  (FR)
ruido sonoro  (90/100)  (PT)
Beat The Blizzard  (7/10)  (EN)
Beat The Blizzard (Interview)  (EN)
Magic Fire Music (Interview)  (FR)
Infernal Masquerade  (92/100)  (EN)
Obliveon  (9,5/10)  (DE)
Metalchroniques  (8/10)  (FR)
Zwaremetalen  (80/100)  (NL)
Lords of Metal  (87/100)  (NL)
Inw[B]zine  (FR)
Metal Storm  (73/100)  (EN)
Castle of Vampiria  (75/100)  (IT)
The Grimoire  (EN)
Le Chant du Grillon  (FR)
Extreem Metal  (8/10)  (NL)

Death Dream Vision Dying Memory

Just Passing By ... Requiems & unreleased compilation shows up well in advance was that the band's songs, they undergo a change compared to the previous album.
Of course this is only an idea in hindsight when one
hear a new album.

The difference between me and the Bleak Silver Streams Season of Words Between Raven looks large.
This was the first time he seemed very strange.Already have a song characteristic of Remembrance
I felt the weight.As if I were in a forest dawn and find a way out.
The uncertainty of what to me was not only passed Carline Van Roos listening to her voice.
Put to sleep this clean sound.

As already mentioned, in spite of the difference between the two albums I can only recommend the disc.
Perfect album was full of feelings.I just do not find fault in it.
And I could not.

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