Season of Raven Words

Im stuck in Between  (PL)
Heavy  (8/10)  (FR)
Sorrow Eternal  (9/10)  (EN)
Puroruido (Interview)  (ES)
Zwaremetalen  (87/100)  (NL)
Scumfeastmetal6666  (5/5)  (EN)  (8/10)  (IT)
Metal Psalter  (4/5)  (EN)
Livedor.JP  (JP)
Death Dream Vision Dying Memory   (EN)
Kinta  (PL)  (IT)

Bleak Silver Streams

Femme Metal Webzine  (EN)
Magic Fire Music  (19/20)  (FR)
ruido sonoro  (90/100)  (PT)
Beat The Blizzard  (7/10)  (EN)
Beat The Blizzard (Interview)  (EN)
Magic Fire Music (Interview)  (FR)
Infernal Masquerade  (92/100)  (EN)
Obliveon  (9,5/10)  (DE)
Metalchroniques  (8/10)  (FR)
Zwaremetalen  (80/100)  (NL)
Lords of Metal  (87/100)  (NL)
Inw[B]zine  (FR)
Metal Storm  (73/100)  (EN)
Castle of Vampiria  (75/100)  (IT)
The Grimoire  (EN)
Le Chant du Grillon  (FR)
Extreem Metal  (8/10)  (NL)


Collegue Jan was talking about Bleak Silver streams in 2009 from the atmospheric doom group we know from Remembrance. Seasons of Raven Words is their second album where they are taking a new step in their evolution, No more grunts, Singer Carline Van Roos does everything besides the metal guitar parts, Quite an achievement You can certainly see Seasons Of Raven Words as an atmospheric doom metal band (That's what it says, Shame on you reviewer!) Not only does carline's soft voice make it a smooth experience (This sounds weird translated but hey..) but the bass, Innocent keys and piano also help build a deep vulnerable layer. The double guitar layers with mostly acoustic and metal guitar make a perfect contrast. This music strikes the listener in the ear drum as well as the soul (this isnt a word so ill just use something like it..) A very beautiful album that sounds really natural in its sadness and beauty, A recommendation. Listen tips : Wandering, White gold

(thanks to Nocturnal Shadow for the translation)

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