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Puroruido (Interview)

1 - How and why Lethian Dreams was born.What were the reasons that led them to createthe band?

I met Carline in 2002, we were both musicians and had the same passion for music, so making music together and creating a band just came up naturally.

2- 2 years after creating Lethian Dreams, Remembrance is born, what was the need tha tprompted them to give life to this band?

Lethian Dreams focus on feelings and melancholy, often inspired by natural elements, we want our music to be appeasing in soothing in a depressive way, it represents both the positive and negative sides of the natural world. In Remembrance, we wanted something darker, more misanthropic, our music only deals with the negative sides.

3- Lethian Dreams describes itself (in Facebook) as a group of Depressive Atmospheric Metal, while sites like Encyclopedia Metallium they are labeled as Atmospheric Doom To what label they feel most comfortable? Are they a band that prefers to make music without worrying about those details?

I honestly don’t really pay much attention about the way people label us, that’s not really important to us. What’s important is what we want to express in our music, what it deals about and what people feels while listening to it. I think Lethian Dreams got labeled as “atmospheric doom” mostly because of our previous album, I don’t think people would have labeled us the same way if “Season of Raven Words” had been our first release. Our music has always been atmospheric and ethereal, and doom on previous releases, but with “Season of Raven Words” we clearly got deeper into the ethereal side. Sure, there are still doom elements in it, but there’s also “black metal” elements if you consider the guitar riffing, so labeling it as “atmospheric doom” is a little too simple in my opinion. So that’s why we self-labeled us as “Depressive Atmospheric Metal”, because our music is depressive and atmospheric, that’s all I can say ! If it’s doom, black, post something, or whatever, I just don’t know !

4- In his new (and excellent) album "Season Of Raven Words" dispense with the guttural voices.Was there a particular reason for which they made this decision? Did it happen as a result of the same evolution of the band or was something that had already been thinking?

We have been considering removing the guttural voices from our music for a while. Even though our previous album was released in 2009, all so songs on it were composed between 2002 and 2006. Since 2006, we knew we would turn more to the ethereal side of our music because it fitted better with the feelings we wanted to express.

5- The Lethian Dreams music reminds me of the gloomy poetry of E. A.Poe. Not just for the atmosphere they create with their music but because I find much poetry in the work of LD, and I mean not only the lyrics but the music itself. Do you agree with this assessment?

Thank you, I’m glad you find poetry in our music. Our music is inspired by Nature, and Nature is poesy in itself, I suppose that’s why our music can sound poetic, I’m glad it does.

6- Did you know that 2 of the discs Lethian Dreams are published in Argentina, and are slowly gaining a lot of fans here?

I knew that we got distributed in Argentina, because we signed an album (actually a compilation of unreleased tracks) with Twilight Records, a famous Buenos Aires based label, but I didn’t know we were gaining fans there, I’m glad to know about it ! Carline’s solo project Aythis is also on Twilight Records.

7- Tell us about Carline, such as working with her. I guess the chemistry between them must be very strong, as they are together on both projects

Yes, we have always been very complementary in our music, so after working 10 years together, our complementarity has evolved so much we almost wouldn’t need to talk to compose something. But after 10 years, we are also 10 times more exigent with our mutual work so that even if it’s really easy for us to work together, composing something that satisfies us both didn’t get any easier.

8- How is the creative process in both bands? How much of inspiration and all that is working? I ask this because when listening to your band, it seems that the ideas flow with Amazing naturalness, as if the inspiration was constantly on you. But, in turn, it is clear that there is work in the selection of the melodies, the parts that make up all.

It’s really difficult to answer, it all depends on inspiration, and inspiration comes and goes with the seasons, events of your life, and so many different things. When you got inspiration, you can compose 3 songs in a week, and when you don’t, it’s pointless to compose because everything would sound empty and deprived of feelings. To be honest, if we wanted to compose something without inspiration, we could, that’s not difficult, but then it means we would have to replace feelings by thinking, I mean thinking about what and how we are going to play, it might sound good, but to me it would be deprived of feelings and I’m not interested in composing that way…this is too bad so many bands do…Then of course, even if you got inspiration and can compose few songs in a week, there’s a lot of work of selection, arrangement, etc. Sometimes, all the basis of one song are composed in a few hours, but it takes 2 weeks of work to finalize the arrangements.

9- Undoubtedly, you're a musician who is imbued with what happens at the scene of Doom worldwide. What bands do you think they have everything to excel in today?

Once again, that’s difficult for me to answer because I have been listening to the same bands for years. I more into black/folk metal than into Doom metal, so I could only mention a black metal band named “Fall of Rauros” that I recently discovered and that I think deserves some attention. Also, a few years ago I discovered the band “Woods of Ypres” that became my favorite band, sadly the front man David Gold died tragically 2 months ago in an accident, their music is just perfect, they had everything to succeed.

10- - Finally, surveys have been to come to Latin America?

Sure, we would love to play any place where people want to see us live ! Now, this is of course very difficult to organize, for now we are still looking for live members, and even with a complete line up, you still have the logistic to manage, find the venue etc. But, well, we don’t know what the future might bring !

11- - Well, thank you very much for your time, hopefully we can see them live in our country! If you want to give a message to Latin American fans, this is your space

Thank you for this interview, and thanks to all the people who support us in latin America, that’s great to know that our music is heard from the other side of the world. Feel free to join our Facebook page ( if you’d like to interact with the band members.

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