Season of Raven Words

Im stuck in Between  (PL)
Heavy  (8/10)  (FR)
Sorrow Eternal  (9/10)  (EN)
Puroruido (Interview)  (ES)
Zwaremetalen  (87/100)  (NL)
Scumfeastmetal6666  (5/5)  (EN)  (8/10)  (IT)
Metal Psalter  (4/5)  (EN)
Livedor.JP  (JP)
Death Dream Vision Dying Memory   (EN)
Kinta  (PL)  (IT)

Bleak Silver Streams

Femme Metal Webzine  (EN)
Magic Fire Music  (19/20)  (FR)
ruido sonoro  (90/100)  (PT)
Beat The Blizzard  (7/10)  (EN)
Beat The Blizzard (Interview)  (EN)
Magic Fire Music (Interview)  (FR)
Infernal Masquerade  (92/100)  (EN)
Obliveon  (9,5/10)  (DE)
Metalchroniques  (8/10)  (FR)
Zwaremetalen  (80/100)  (NL)
Lords of Metal  (87/100)  (NL)
Inw[B]zine  (FR)
Metal Storm  (73/100)  (EN)
Castle of Vampiria  (75/100)  (IT)
The Grimoire  (EN)
Le Chant du Grillon  (FR)
Extreem Metal  (8/10)  (NL)

The Grimoire

Doom, sweet doom. This is the sad variety of the precious musical style. Female vocals can be boasted, but these are not the operatic soprano. No. These are quite different. They are soft and lulling, and beautiful. The music parts for her voice and she rides above the mournful waves. If a watchful ghost were to visit me, this would be her way to speak words to me. Perhaps she will resonate inside you as well. As for the music, it is not the crushing sort, being more of a soft sorrow, made more lofty by the melodies and the introspective riffs. The male counterpart provides both death metal vocals and clean spoken-word. No matter which type of doom breaks your vision the most, this album is important to your collection. Any music that erases the images before you and replaces them with the theatre of the mind must be heard and owned. BILL ZEBUB

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02/05/2020 - Bandcamp page

Here is our Bandcamp page where you can easily support us and add our albums to your collection

03/04/2020 - New album news

Lethian Dreams album news : Drums are recorded !

Pierre got all drums recorded just before the confinement measures... and it sounds awesome!

More news coming soon !