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Beat The Blizzard

Lethian Dreams - Bleak Silver Streams
Reviewed by Eddie Risdal in 8/4/2009

When you get six songs clocking in on an average of nine minutes each you could easily predict you're dealing with doom metal, and doom it is. One usually relates doom with depressing music, still LETHIAN DREAMS manages to deliver the misery in a beautiful wrapping. Maybe a slower version of Draconian is a suitable description, along with some Finnish influences. LETHIAN DREAMS are French though, based around multi-instrumentalist Carline Van Roos, whom you can read an interview with here on BtB. Alongside guitarist Matthieu Sachs and vocalist Carlos D'agua she handles vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass and (programmed) drums on this album, pretty unusual for women in metal, as we're most used to experience them as just vocalists and "pin-ups" on band pictures.

So let's have a closer look on the music. "Elusive" is straight on business with spoken male vocals and nice guitar leads, while we get introduced to a more guttural voice very soon. After two minutes we get a break and an ambient keyboard part where the third vocal form, Carline's "elven-like" vocals, comes in. Technically she's not the most skilled, but cleverly she sticks to what she can do and she does it very well. Through the song she and Carlos D'agua more or less evenly shares the vocals, and the overall song arrangement is a recipe that is used on most of the songs. Well, it's not easy when you have the limitation it is playing doom to create very much variation, that might be to play even slower, if possible. The aim is more to create an even atmosphere throughout the album rather than show that they are able to play this and that. Some people might find this boring, still the songs keeps at least me interested throughout the album. "In Seclusion", "Under Her Wings" and "Requiem" follows before second last song "Severance" actually contains a groovy riff halfway into the song. The production is fitting and when you have in mind that the band has recorded and mixed the album themselves, though on this very riff something strange happens with the sound and most instruments falls far behind in the mix. Probably because the kick drum is too high or that the mastering has been too hard. This also happens to a certain degree a couple of other places on the album as well and reduces the overall impression a bit.

On the positive side the clean (electric) guitars are some of the best sounding I've ever heard. And until it was mentioned in the interview I never suspected the drums to be programmed, as they were blending naturally into the mix. The album closes with the almost ten minutes long "For A Brighter Death", where we also get a groovy part halfway. There aren't much keyboards or piano on the album, still the song fades out with both playing a final melody.

As the songs on "Bleak Silver Streams" are all re-recordings from demos released in a period spanning over several years it is also noticeable that THIS is how they WANT to sound, since they fit so well together, without the oldest or newest material sticking out from the other. So if you like your doom sounding like "beautiful hopelessness", then LETHIAN DREAMS could be the thing for you.

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Red Silence Lodge was composed between 2012 and 2013
Recorded in 2013 - 2014
Drums recorded at Noise Factory Studio
Mixed/mastered by Grald Jans at Noise Factory Studio in 2014

Booklet and front cover painting by Hanna Lepparu