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name : Neves2006-06-19 05:48:27
homepage :

Hail ppl!
I discovered your band from
What a great sound you have! I really liked it!
By the way, check my band's site:
Stay heavy!!

name : sid2006-05-18 12:51:57
mail :

plz come to UK soon , doom is getting commercialized u guys r at the forefront to save it from popular sh*t.

happiness is an illusion due to insufficient sorrow .....

name : Adam2006-05-15 04:06:11
mail :
homepage : http://yahoo

really ur music is so deep ..and so Horror too...its takes the soul for a dark lands and atmospheric dreams

name : Erik2006-05-12 01:16:53
mail :

Hi, I was listening to some of your clips, sounds realy great, good production, everything sounded great realy. When will your album be out then?

Erik Norway

name : harlekin2006-05-07 12:15:00
mail :

you are awesome i love the singer , sings like an angel

name : ashtoreth2006-04-04 10:21:33
mail :

your work is beautiful - stunning yet desperately sad. 'lost in grief' is something i listen to whenever i feel less-than-happy and as the music envelops me, i am filled with a sense of calm. india is far, but i hope you make it here someday - it would be fantastic to see y'all live!

name : Kévin2006-03-27 04:40:03
mail :
homepage :

name : morgana2006-03-26 10:11:20
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your guys music absolutely rock. I love it love it. no problem for the add, it was my pleasure.... and everyone i know is going to know about you guys...


name : Jerich2006-03-25 02:24:53
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Killer doom......wish you were closer to US.........thanks for the invitation to your doom..............

name : KHALED MARDINI2006-03-24 10:09:56
mail :

lethian dreams , i apreciate your great sorrowfull works , this what we all need

(( The Past Is All , What We Will Become ))
Thank you

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Our new album Red Silence Lodge will be released on April 30th.

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Red Silence Lodge was composed between 2012 and 2013
Recorded in 2013 - 2014
Drums recorded at Noise Factory Studio
Mixed/mastered by Gérald Jans at Noise Factory Studio in 2014

Booklet and front cover painting by Hanna Lepparu