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name : Gwen Saupalin2012-01-22 21:33:23
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name : Iskander2011-12-03 12:03:55
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I love you...

name : Jared Matos2011-10-08 01:19:42
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Wow Lethian Dreams you don't fail to impress me! 17 year old guy from the states and I have to say, I would kill to see you guys in concert. My absolute favorite band of all time! Your songs are beautiful, everything. The atmospheric sound and the beautiful duet of voices. The lyrics are beautifully written and you can feel the emotion of every song.

Though I have come across many doom bands, it is Lethian Dreams that inspires me to make music and write my songs. Hopefully one day, I can make something in honor of LD.

And just looking at how many instruments Carline Van Roos plays motivates me to be a better musician as a whole. Though I like technicality, Emotion-born music will always be first in my heart.

Thanks Lethian Dreams, and keep making your enchanting music. Greetings from the United States!

name : Alex2011-09-15 23:11:38
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I'd like to buy Lethian Dreams t-shirt. The one with the Bleak Silver Streams picture.
Couldn't find it anywhere on the net.

name : Jonathan2011-08-29 03:24:48
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name : Tyler Westerman2011-08-19 21:08:04
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I write lyrics that i hope to use in my own gothic/funeral doom band one day. LD and Rememberance are two bands that i strongely am inspired by lyrically and musically. You all make some of the best music, truly favorites, hails!

name : James2011-05-11 07:59:15
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Great work, guys! You've got some of the best sound in modern doom. Keep up the astounding work. Wish y'all the best of luck in the future.

name : Alex2011-04-27 09:27:59

Bleak silver streams is REALLY great. I just can't get enough of it.

name : Cassian2011-02-02 12:18:00
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I love your debut album. It's breathtaking and really put you guys in the major league like Draconian - my all-time favourite band.

Keep up the great work!

name : John Stockwell2010-11-17 08:29:26
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