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name : Murat Emre2004-07-05 08:00:05
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I listened to an mp3 and really like what I heard. I'd like to buy your demos and I sent you an e-mail but haven't received any replies. I'd be happy if you contact me.


Murat Emre

name : rayne2004-07-02 01:26:20
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I've discovered your site from a forum, listenend to some samples and stuff, i really like it! great work and keep it up!

name : Shellyz Raven2004-06-25 12:26:20
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well, I simply loved it. . . I hope to get your album so I can diffuse your soundn all over Brazil




name : rich2004-06-21 01:45:09
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Really like your website, artwork is excellent and the photos are really cool! You sounded great at the frontline! It was really good to meet you all. Your cd is brilliant! Can't wait to hear some more! When you do make a cd or video/dvd, please let me know straight away. Are you going to get a dvd made form frontline? The belonging are so we'll get you a copy if you want? Hope to play with you guys again soon. Glad you like our cd. Email me at:
Keep up the good work!
Thanks also to eria d'or, never comes silence and all the bands for making 30/may/2004 a day to remember!
Rich (the belonging)

name : kévin2004-06-20 09:39:03
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name : sombre marquise2004-06-11 09:21:06
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name : Vassilis2004-06-10 05:44:53
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Hi guys... Your music is perfect! Keep up the good work. Vassilis from Greece

name : Maleficio2004-06-09 01:33:18
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Very good site you have here, I like your stuff too:)

name : Fabian2004-06-04 01:40:55
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name : Lleynless2004-06-02 02:35:01
mail :

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Our new album Red Silence Lodge will be released on April 30th.

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Red Silence Lodge was composed between 2012 and 2013
Recorded in 2013 - 2014
Drums recorded at Noise Factory Studio
Mixed/mastered by Gérald Jans at Noise Factory Studio in 2014

Booklet and front cover painting by Hanna Lepparu